How to Create Unique Instagram Names

How to Create Unique Instagram Names

Instagram is a fantastic way to develop yourself as well as your business with the help of the internet. It Is one of the top platforms of social media if you want to get to a broader audience. It is more appealing because Instagram users are much more active in comparison to a host of other platforms out there. But that is not the only benefit as you stand to gain when you take enough time in setting up your Instagram account and choosing the right name.

But just in case you are new to this platform, let’s take a look at a few of the basics of this social media platform.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an application for social networking. It was developed with the aim of sharing videos and pictures through a smartphone. Just like Twitter or Facebook, everyone who creates an account on Instagram will have a profile as well as a news feed.
When you post a video or photo on Instagram, you will be able to view it on your profile. Users who follow you will also be able to view your posts on their feeds. Also, you will be able to see posts from users you decide to follow.

What is an Instagram Username?

An Instagram username is a sort of Identification on Instagram. It is the name you give yourself which other users will be able to utilize in locating you. This will ensure people who know you can find you and follow you with ease as long as they know the username.
Instagram usernames can be anything you want it to be ranging from your actual name to nicknames or even numbers.

How to make unique Instagram usernames

All individuals want a great and unique Instagram name, but not everyone knows how to go about it.
Below are a few ways which you can choose a unique name on Instagram.

Personalize it

Gain insights from your life. You can incorporate things you do or love into your name. This is certain to give you an Instagram name that is unique and represents you. For example, if you like pictures, @photolover would make a great name.

Use another Language

Using a language that is different from your native dialect is an excellent means of creating a unique Instagram name. Using nice words from another langue never fails. Some of the unique usernames in Instagram are not written in English so utilize other languages.

Use Things you love

Incorporating your hobbies into your Instagram name is a great idea when you want a unique Instagram name.
If you love playing games, you can embed Gamer into your Instagram name to make it unique. For example, Avidgamer09, with 09 being your birth month.

Don’t give out too much information

There is no privacy when you use a social media platform. Anything you choose to upload on a social media platform is public. All your information will be available to everyone within the Instagram community. You should take note of this if your username includes your personal details.
It may be taking a huge risk if your username combines your last name, full name, or home address.
A username which contains obscene words is also not the best option. It might have an impact on your career in addition to being offensive. Ensure that while you remain creative, you don’t give out too much personal information.

A short name is the best

There is no benefit to having a username which is too long. The length of a username doesn’t make it unique.
If you have to type in a long username every time you need to log in, it becomes very annoying. It can also be difficult for friends and other users to accurately type in a long username.
A short name is best for your Instagram. You can choose to make changes to the normal spelling.

Make use of Adjectives

Another method of creating a unique Instagram name is by utilizing adjectives that best describe you. As opposed to just using your full name which is Markroberts for example, you can use AmazingMark99. The latter is more unique and would stand out more.

To be safe, it’s best to not always utilize your email address as your username. This is because it would make it easier for hackers to get into your account, so try to use something more distinct.

There are numerous adjectives you would be able to utilize, and some of them sound quite amazing.

Try out Unique Characters

Another excellent way to come up with an Instagram name which is creative is through the use of the symbols on a keyboard. These will include special characters and Unicode characters. Combining various characters can also result in emojis which have become common on the internet.
This method also applies to other social media platforms in addition to Instagram.
It is possible to use these characters along with a simple name. An example of such combination is justpaul19$&
Applying unique characters is the best way to ensure your Instagram is unique.

Use Instagram Name Generators

If you are finding it difficult to come up with a creative name on your own, then you should try an Instagram name generator.
To find a name generator, a simple online search will do the trick. There are various unique combinations you can get from a name generator.

Is the Username unique?

An internet search can help you identify a creative and unique username once you come up with one.
This will show how frequent this username appears on various social media platforms available. A unique username will usually be available for use on multiple social media platforms without issues.


People perceive you the same way they view your account. It can act as your business brand and is also who you are. It is a reflection of your personality, you, and everything you do on a daily basis.
Remember to consider all these when running an Instagram account. In the end, be sure you are making a choice that you are comfortable with.

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