How to Grow Your Organic Followers on Instagram

How to Grow Your Organic Followers on Instagram

In 2008, Instagram was able to surpass the milestone of 1 billion users. Now it is one of the most recognized platforms of social media on the internet.

It is a place where individuals interact, create and share media with their loved ones, friends and top brands.Having a more considerable following on Instagram can mean more blog views for you, increased sale for your business, and a stronger brand community.

But how exactly do people get organic Instagram followers without having to buy them? In this article, we will be taking a look at a few tips that can help

But first, let us take a look at why organic followers are better.

Why must your followers on Instagram be organic?

If it has ever crossed your mind to purchase followers to enhance your presence on Instagram, then fret not, there are a lot of you with this thought pattern.

Numerous individuals have all tried to purchase followers in the past. When you are just beginning on Instagram, convincing clients that you are reputable can be difficult. This is the case especially if you have only 5 or 10 followers. But, if your followers are in their thousands, you immediately seem like you have credibility. It is sad, but that is the way it is.

Purchasing followers means that what you have are just numbers. It means, those people seeing your feeds won’t share your content, like your pictures or purchase your product.

Also, doing this is also against the guidelines of Instagram and could result in your account getting purged, blocked or deleted. So if you can’t purchase followers, how then do you get followers the right way?

Well, the solution is easy; learn to increase your followers organically. Interested in doing this? Then do read on to learn more.

Post Daily

Instagram has the most level of interaction on any social media platform. Your followers are always ready to interact with you, but they will require something that needs their response.

Individuals are searching for timeliness and consistency from all pages they follow. Also, the Instagram algorithm puts your app presence into consideration when deciding where to place you on the Explore page.

But when you begin to plan a frequent posting schedule, it is crucial that you equally get the timing right. Posting pictures when your audience is less active would be pointless. If you are unsure of when your followers are most active, you can find out using Instagram insights.

If you are bothered about having adequate time to manage your growth on Instagram and run a business frequently, you can try out a scheduling tool.

Ensuring posts are ready before time makes sure that you have a continuous supply of content waiting even when you have other stuff doing.

Get the mostout of your Hashtags

When it has to do with captions on Instagram, you have to look past the one-word hashtags. They are quite obvious, and even if you do want to use them, you have to be able to mix them up.

They are helpful in telling your story. Whatever you do choose todo, ensure you are not dull. Lots of leading brands on IG excel at this and are getting followers daily.

Have a Great Bio

Your biography, your profile picture and the initial 6 images on your feed are crucial. They may not seem that important, but a user can decide to follow are move on from your page due to these three things.

Ensure they are clear and clean. You can try out various structures and how you display information. You can use bullet points or try out emojis to determine which works best for your page.

Get More Attention from other Platforms

This cannot be over-emphasized. Make sure you draw attention back to your Instagram page from other online locations.  Do not assume that the individuals following you on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook are also aware that you use Instagram.

Try to put your hashtags in your emails and link back your Instagram posts on Twitter and Facebook.  The more attention you bring to your profile on Instagram from other locations on the internet, the broader reach your brand will get.

Also, developing your presence on other platforms may enhance your credibility which in turn earns you an opportunity to be verified on Instagram.

The following are some of the ways you can promote your IG page on other platforms:

They include:

  • Feature as a guest writer on blogs that are significant to your audience
  • Post links on other social platforms
  • Add information regarding your Instagram page to your email campaigns
  • Mention your hashtags on other social platforms 

Experiment with various media on Instagram

Although Instagram began as a network for sharing pictures, it has risen past just photos. With features ranging from stories, live videos, and videos, you will be able to develop various forms of engaging content and increase your following organically.

Take advantage of the various forms of media Instagram offers till you find out which works best for you in growing your followers.

Engage your Target Audience

Any social media channel has to do with engagement. This also includes Instagram.  Consistently posting the appropriate content and the appropriate time will help you draw in attention from your required audience. But, it is the interaction with these individuals that transform everyday visitors to loyal fans or brand advocates. 

Liking comments, providing answers to questions or responding to private messages will aid you in developing a better relationship with your followers. Responding to every @mention or message may be impossible but ensure you are as active as possible.


Determining ways to increase your followers organically is not an easy task. The top accounts on Instagram take a lot of effort and time to develop. It is not surprising why lots of people choose to go with buying followers.

Do not be tempted because even though it may seem like a good option, it won’t be beneficial to you in the long run. 

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